Air Freight

Our Air freight Service is an extremely convenient, fast and reliable option for parcels, packages and cargo consignments from 20kgs up to 50 tonnes. Our well established network across the globe enables Broadline Services Ltd. to provide an efficient freight forwarding service which can include collection and packaging services from any location in the world.

Broadline Services Ltd. can also manage all documentation formalities including customs paperwork, permits and duties.


Our Air Freight services include:

All major Airports worldwide

Wide Body and Cargo Aircraft Carriers

Daily Charter Services

No Weight or Size Restrictions


Airport-to-Airport or Door-to-Door Services

Compliance Documentation Services

Hazardous and Dangerous Goods

Export Packing


Why our customers choose Broadline Services Ltd.:

Broadline Services Ltd. specialises in air freight cargo to virtually anywhere offering a fast, efficient and reliable service.


With wide Body and Cargo Aircraft Carriers

Broadline Services Ltd. use both spare capacity in the lower decks of scheduled passenger flights as well as capacity from dedicated cargo operators providing greater flexibility in flight times and costs.



Broadline Services Ltd. can manage consolidation on small or part loads offering a more competitive price.

Airport-to-Airport or Door-to-Door Services 

Broadline Services Ltd. are extremely flexible in the service we offer enabling customers to choose exactly the type of service that suits their individual requirements. Make your own arrangements for onward freight or allow Broadline Services Ltd. to collect and deliver your cargo to your precise destination.

Compliance Documentation Services 

Broadline Services Ltd. can take care of all customs paperwork, customs clearance, and permits and duties, and provide you with the most cost effective and timely carrier or charter service.

Hazardous and Dangerous Goods

Broadline Services Ltd. are fully licensed to transport hazardous, chemical and dangerous goods and handle all items including most restricted items.

Export Packing Broadline Services Ltd. offer a lower rate for pre-built up pallets (with netting or shrink wrap) and pre-packed industry standard rigid container loads.


Broadline Services Ltd. Package and Specialised Services:

Premier Next Day Service From our primary terminal operation at Heathrow, Broadline Services Ltd. offer a next day service* for parcels and packages to a network of airport destinations in the Middle East and worldwide. Select from Airport to Airport services or a more comprehensive collection combined with onward freight forwarding.

Standard Service

Our standard service offers a delivery within XXX days. Collection of goods and onward freight forwarding can also be accommodated as part of this service.

Specialised Service

Broadline Services Ltd. can also provide a delivery service for goods that require special handling, high value items or sensitive information.

Excess Baggage Service 

We offer very competitive rates per KG for shipment of excess and unaccompanied baggage through to any location in the world handling customs clearance and insurance requirements.

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